Audio Sermons

The 4 Reasons for Illness in the Bible

After personally suffering with an autoimmune disease I found four Bible reasons why we’re getting sick, and what we need to do about it.

Why Are So Many Adventists Getting Sick?

Why are Seventh-Day Adventists getting sick? Is there something God wants us to learn through this unfortunate situation? In this message you’ll find out why God may have allowed your sickness, and what He wants you to do about it.

Autoimmune Diseases and the Last day Church

Autoimmune Diseases have exploded onto the scene almost out of no where. Why have they become some prevalent and what does this explosion have to do with God's last day church?

The Sign of Jonah and God's Five Step Plan for Victory

Did you know that God has a formula to help you rise above every difficulty and trial you could encounter. Learn what this formula is and how it is illustrated through the sign of Jonah.

My Testimony: How God Saved Me from the Devils Workshop

Hear my story about how God saved me from becoming the devil's slave and working in the entertainment industry to becoming God's preacher.