Video Sermons

Why Are So Many Adventists Getting Sick?

Did you ever wonder why so many Christians and even Adventist believers are getting sick? Find out.

How To Practically Do Christ's Methods In Modern Society

How do we practically put into action Christ's methods of reaching the world with the message and practice of healing?

Why We Don't Work

What is the reason why the church has taken so long to take up the work of sharing the gospel of health?

Someone Already Tried It And It Worked

Did you know that someone already successfully carried out God's council for a ministry that blended the Gospel and health? What happened next was amazing.

How To Survive The Last Great Crisis

What is it going to take to survive in the final tribulation that this world is going to go through?

The Bible's Most Important Prophecy

Without an understanding of this prophecy none of the other ones will matter.

The Unpardonable Sin

Is there a sin so bad that could not forgive it? Watch to find out.

The Origin of Evil

Where did evil come from? And if God is a God of love how could it be allowed to exist? All this and more answered in this message.